CONSOLE: Custom 20 channel  recording console hand-built by Malcolm Toft of Trident studios (1 of only 2 made) 

CONVERTERS: Apogee Symphony I/O Mk II  16x16

RECORDERS: MCI JH-16 (JH-10) 2 inch, 16 track, Apple Mac Pro

MONITORING: B&W Matrix 805 speakers, Yamaha NS-10s, Auratone 5c sound cube (vintage), Emotiva XPA-5 power amp

OUTBOARD: Neotek Elite II (MicMax) preamps. Phoenix Audio DRS-2 (original version), Greg Hanks BA-660,  Sunset Sound Studio B preamp (from the original console),Wally Heider Studio 4 preamp (from the original console), Audion PS-3010 (Soviet made) stereo compressor, API 312, Sytek  MPX4A, Audient ASP800

DAW:  Pro Tools 11 (tracking), Harrison MixBus 32C (mixing), Melodyne Studio 4

PLUGINS: Slate: Everything Bundle. WavesMercury Bundle, SSL 4000 collection, API Collection, Abbey Road Collection Plugin Alliance: All Bundle

INSTRUMENTS: Ludwig Super Classic,  Yamaha P2  upright piano, various guitars

AMPS: Vampower guitar amps

EFFECTS: Vampower guitar effects